But…why bikes?

Since the last few bits I’ve posted have had to do with bicycling, and since it’s much on my mind these days, and since I really really really miss writing, I’ve decided to write about bikes and bicycling for a while. I know, another poncy bike-commuter blog, all about gear ratios and crosswinds and the cool new gear I bought last week. Or, this being me and all, maybe not. After all, I’ve got my own take on things, bikes especially.

Bikes are funny things, though. They can be as cheap and simple as a single-speed cruiser, bought at a thrift shop for just a few bucks, or they can be exotic, high-tech wonders that run into the thousands of dollars. Bike riders run the gamut, too; from “get-on-and-go” types who hardly think more about it than about falling out of bed, to people even I consider over-the-top obsessed with minutiae…and I’ve even  overhauled a bicycle bell.

I find so much in bikes and bicycling, in fact, that it’s hard for me to narrow my focus down to a single aspect. Instead, I turn the whole thing around and use bicycling as a lens through which to see something else. I may be bad with names and iffy with faces, but I never forget a bike. I don’t think I’ve forgotten any of my bikes, either, and I’ve had dozens over the years.

I’m also going to tell some of the stories of the bikes I’ve had and how I acquired them, as I think there is some insight to be had there. I want to show folks that bicycling can be a relatively cheap and easy way to get around; save money; add years to one’s life, and life to one’s years.


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